NYC Thanksgiving Weather: Rain, Winds, and Travel Woes

NYC Thanksgiving travel might not get hit with a major storm, but it’s definitely not going to be a smooth ride for those heading through the Northeast.

Stormy Warnings

Governor Kathy Hochul gave folks a heads-up about a big storm brewing right before Thanksgiving. It’s expected to bring freezing rain, snow, and strong winds, making travel pretty tricky. koin303

Rough Forecast

According to AccuWeather, the messiest travel times will be from Tuesday to Wednesday. The Northeast will face strong winds, drenching rain, and poor visibility, causing probable delays for flights and a rough time for drivers. Airports from D.C. to New York City might see the worst by late Tuesday.

Travel Troubles

Flying might get bumpy due to the weather, and the roads won’t be much better. Heavy rain and high traffic could lead to major delays and some nasty road conditions. coin303

Weather Snapshot

New York City will see rainy days on Tuesday and Wednesday, with temperatures hitting highs of 46 and 54. But upstate New York? Brace yourself for snow.

Hopeful Outlook

The situation should ease up by Wednesday night, but if you’re planning to travel on Wednesday, expect crowds between 2 and 6 p.m.

Thanksgiving Day

Good news for Thanksgiving itself – the rest of the nation will stay dry. New York City will have a high of 51 degrees, making it pretty comfy.

Big Travel Numbers

AAA expects a whopping 55.4 million travelers during Thanksgiving week, making it one of the busiest travel times in over 20 years. So, brace yourself for crowded highways and airports.

Stay Prepared

Governor Hochul’s ready to send out alerts to areas facing the worst, just like during past snowstorms, to keep everyone informed and prepared.

Thanksgiving Week Reminders

Let’s remember last year in Buffalo with its historic snowstorm, dumping a massive 80 inches in some neighborhoods. Back in 2014, Buffalo faced its worst storm ever, getting buried under seven feet of snow in just three days.


Bottom line? Expect some travel bumps, especially from Tuesday to Wednesday. Keep an eye on the weather updates and be ready to adjust plans if needed. And for Thanksgiving itself? Looks like a peaceful day ahead in NYC!-COIN303