Taking On Alice in the Jungle: Meet Lunox, the Tank Buster

Taking On Alice in the Jungle: Meet Lunox, the Tank Buster

In the ever-changing world of Mobile Legends, Alice is back and causing a stir as a jungler. But fear not, you can flip the script by bringing in a powerhouse like Lunox, the tank destroyer, to counter Alice jungle dominance.

Alice’s Jungle Revival

After taking a break from the META, Alice has come back in a big way and is now killing it in Mobile Legends’ jungle. It’s important to be careful around her, especially when she’s built like a tank. She can suck the life out of her enemies, which is a cool magic skill.

Alice became a unique hero after the most recent game update, when Moonton gave her a special boost. The best part? She no longer needs boots to make her skills stronger. Alice is doing a lot of damage right now, without waiting for her power stacks to reach their fullest. This boost mostly makes her second and ultimate skills stronger, and both of them are pretty powerful.

Because of these buffs, Alice not only well-liked, but also so sought after that her ban rate has gone through the roof, reaching 80% or more.

Facing Alice Head-On: Enter Lunox

It might look like Alice is hard to get past, but don’t worry—Lunox, the tank killer, is here to save the day. Lunox is the hero you need to beat Alice and make sure you don’t end up in the hands of this monster from the wild. Lunox is the hero that you need.

Lucy can easily avoid being attacked by Alice thanks to her “Power of Order: Brilliance” skill. This like extra SLOTJARWO information on top of what shown above. This not only lets Lunox do a lot of damage to her enemies every second, but it also gives her a way to avoid Alice’s constant hits.

If you’re in the jungle and Alice is being strong, you may feel better knowing that Lunox is your go-to hero counter. Lunox is able to keep his strength even when she tackles him in the ranking arena of Mobile Legends. This is especially true when the fighting gets tough.

In Conclusion: Lunox – Your Jungle Savior

People who play Mobile Legends need to be able to make smart choices if they want to win, since the fame of heroes changes all the time. Even though Alice might be having a moment, you can turn the tide in your favor by using the right hero counter. Lunox has come and is ready to protect you from Alice’s power and show you how to get through the scary jungle. When Alice comes knocking on your door again, make sure you have Lunox ready, plan your moves carefully, and show the jungle that you are the real Mobile Legends boss!